Born in Alessandria, Italy.


He has a daughter, Ginevra and a partner, Lorena.

Scientific High school graduate, Electronic Engineer at the Politecnico di Torino and MBA achievement.

CEO of Paglieri S.p.A Holding and Paglieri USA Inc., owning 20% of share.

CEO of Selectiva S.p.A.

Former President of the Italian Cosmetics Industry Association : "Cosmetica Italia".

Chairman of Cosmetica Italia Servizi Srl.

Member of the General Council of Italian Chemicals Industry- Federchimica.

Academic of the European Academy for Economic and Cultural Relations in Rome.

Former member of the Aspen Institute.

Rotary International Governor, district 2032, Year 2013-2014.

Major Donor of "The Rotary Foundation" awarded with the Paul Harris Fellowship.

Awarded the “Gagliaudo d’oro”, the highest honor from the City of Alessandria.

His labor with the Italian Association of Multiple Sclerosis AISM and supporting other humanitarian causes has been part of his life.

He has lectured in many universities around Italy, loving the contact with young ideas and young people, such as the “Brand Lab” at the I.U.L.M in Milan.

Frequent speaker and motivational coach at international conferences on ethics, leadership and the relationship between science and faith.


His engineering studies took him to explore and grow his passion and interest in Quantum Mechanics, widening his life views and theories. Currently writing a book on the “Illusion of reality”.


Has contributed to several publications:

- “Dalla pubblicità alla communicazione”, Franco Angeli Editore.

- “Giovani e Futuro”, Fondazione Banca Europa.

- “Leadership Futura”, Fondazione Banca Europa.


In 2013 he published “Leadership e Consapevolezza”.